Whether you are covered with mud or poop, does it matter?

Whether you are covered with mud or poop, does it matter?  I mean some people… let’s be frank… like to roll in poop.  You have all seen it.  You are walking along the street, then some approaches you all covered in ‘mud’ or so it seems, until you get a whiff… Then you know! 

Do you enjoy rolling in defecation? Be honest now...

There is nothing like the whiff of the great revealer!  Some people have no sense of decency, it is true.  And some have NO SENSE OF SMELL!    Yes, that is even more true.  Have you ever stood next to someone in an elevator, and you are sure they have never experienced the benefits of toilet paper?  I have, and it is a undeniable odor that permeates the entire car!  Gross!  Disgusting!  Putrid!  But, then again, if it is your thing to be a wallower of the ol’ brown river, who am I to judge? 

I mean, does it help you in some way that I do not understand?  Perhaps the economy on TP enables you to spend more money on cigars and perfume to mask the smell, or so you think?  Or maybe it is the organic sensation of these excretions against your skin constantly that keep you revived and moving like caffeine does for me? 

I guess you never have to worry about a line at the ol’ bathroom during halftime at a football game do you?  Or perhaps I assume to broadly, and that you actually do use a toilet, but were just absent the day when they covered wiping in toilet training day at kindergarten? 

I imagine there is perhaps a detailed and long explanation that is beyond me, and quite frankly… I do not think I really care to know about it.  So if you are a non-wiper or an outright ‘roller’ in defecation, this blog post is dedicated to you!  Enjoy!


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