Body painting that is too cool to pass up

Have you ever seen body painting that is too cool to pass up?  I mean, there is the typical body painters at the public

Anyone see my raccoon?

 sporting events.  Everyone probably as seen on national TV those fans at New York Giants games or Green Bay Packers that paint themselves blue and green. 

Makes you want to go play baseball!

There are also those that as a group paint messages on each others butts, or stomachs and drop the respective article of clothing at the appropriate point in the game when the live camera is on them.  College football, basketball and even hockey are other places you see this display. 

What I am talking about however is body paint that is just too cool!  I mean that

Got milk?

 someone really got down and funky, and painted the details. 

Crazy stuff, wild stuff, and off the wall stuff.  All if it bizarre.  However you slice it, it is just plain crazy.  So crazy in fact that you many times do not realize that the person wearing it is completely naked.  That’s right, most of the really cool body paint I have seen are subjects that stood there naked for hours and hours while someone painted them from head to toe. 

It boggles the mind, but it is true.  So I have collected some really cool body paint subjects here, and placed them in this blog.  I thought you might like to see them.  Some are outragious, and some are funny and some will make you wonder…

I must admit, I kind of like body paint.  I wish they would comeout with some giraffe body paint at some point.  That would be cool.  Anyway, enjoy my collection of ‘Body painting that is too cool to pass up’ and let me know which one is your favorite by commenting on this blog post.  You are destined to become a body paint fan!

I am inviting this chick to a party!

Spiderman, Spiderman... does whatever a spider can...

Camoflauge? Or decopauge?

Now is this cool or what?


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