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Mad cows, crazy cows… What is the difference?

You know over the years I have heard various people refer to Crazy cows and Mad cows, and honestly I do not know if there is a difference.  It is said that a ‘Mad Cow’ has some disease.  So are we supposed to differentiate here? 

Mad or crazy? What is the difference?

I mean, when a cow goes over the edge, they can do a lot of crazy stuff.  They can start flashing people with their udders, and squirting milk.  I have even seen them with fangs!  Some people call them ‘party animals’ but I believe it is more than just a little booze in the ol’ feed bag.  They are downright not organized in the head. 

You know, maybe they drink each others milk?  I do not know, but certainly I see no difference

Some mad cows grow fangs!

 between the old crazy cow on a milk carton, and the ‘mad cow’ running around with some infectious disease biting other cows and howling at the moon. 

I mean, why make the distinction?  Aren’t cows in general a little kooky?  Think about it.  They ‘moo’ and they eat grass, and they build up uncomfortable levels of milk so someone has to come along and ‘milk’ them because they cannot do it themselves!  What the hell is that all about?  More like a dependent generation of creatures that lay around all day and clutter the landscape if you ask me. 

Just go moo somewhere else! Who cares about your tongue?

Not that I am against cows in general, just the crazy and mad ones make me nervous.  You never quite know what to expect, and you always have to keep an eye on the keg at parties when one of them is around. 

They are known for not being able to control themselves when it comes to beer.  However, I do not fault them for that, as I sometimes go over the edge myself when I visit the wine cellar. 

Needless to say, in closing, I do not think there should be a distinction between ‘mad cows’ and ‘crazy cows’ as they are all insane.  Some are obsessed with showing off their tongue, and won’t go away until you pet it or give it a tug. 

I know, it is weird, but somehow they get pleasure out of this behavior.  I cannot understand it, and I have long since ceased to try to.  It is utterly ridiculous!

Posting a sign might help...


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