Giraffes Drink Urine Sometimes… So what?

Too much for your to comprehend...

Giraffes drink urine sometimes… so what What is the big deal?  Are you so squeemish that you cannot handle it?  I meam we are sophisticated creatures, far above your ability to comprehend our superiority.  Why should I bother to explain to you that we are simply recycling? 

But more than just that, we regard each other urine as being so important and sacred that it should not be just thrown on the ground.  So if there is not another creature to pee on, we will slurp it up and save it for later.  We help each other out in that way.  Why do you feel I need to explain this?  Are you such a pathetic human?

There is NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS PRACTICE! And not all giraffes do this.  Only the ones who want to reload fast so they can pee on others!



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