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Do Chickens Have Hairy Butts?

I want to pose the question, DO CHICKENS HAVE HAIRY BUTTS?  Am I being rude by suggesting such an idea?  Well explain the hair I found on my egg this morning, before I cracked it open!  Yes hair!  Not curly, or bristle like hair

See the hair on this egg! It is chicken butt hair! Not feathers!

either.  Long fluffy hair, as one would expect a hairy butt chicken to have. 

I do not particularily mind this development, but why is everyone calling them ‘feathers’ when it is most obviously hair.  Thus, one could pose the question, are chickens really birds at all?  You want to know why no one wants to answer that one?!!!  It is because they would have to admit that chickens are hairy mammals! 

And if eggs are coming out of their butt, and they are mammals, guess what that makes an egg?  You guessed right!  Poop!  So why don’t we cut all the propaganda and get right to the point!  Chickens are hairy mammals that excrete a poop that everyone has convinced themselves they should eat, and that it is somehow pleasant! 

See the two hairs that form a 'V' shape on the exterior of my egg. Yes. Conclusive evidence of hairy butt chickens.

I know this is a deep thought for many, but I am here to explore the very edge of existence.  We have been fools for too long!  The evidence is in the hairs!  Their feathers are compressed hairs!  Deal with it!  Confront what it is!  Eggs are mammal excreta in disguise, and a whole industry is built around it!  Chickens have hairy butts!

So be not frightened by this revelation!  Learn from it!  shave your chickens if you must still eat eggs, but at least go into the experience with your eyes wide open! 

If any chickens with hairy butts have been offended by this blog post, I am sorry.  The evidence would have come out at some point.  Why did the entire evolution of planet earth have to wait for me to discover this?  Could the hairy butt chicken revelation be the tip of a major international conspiracy?  I wonder…


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