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Don’t get Ducked in Public!

I, Toodles G. Raffe, am here to alert my readers to a new type of crime that is rapidly taking over metropolitan areas around the world!  This crime is not perpetrated by Lions or Hyenas, but nonetheless, it deserves mention. 

It is clearly a deceptive criminal activity, that targets unsuspecting women.  If you see these culprits, don’t fall for it!  What the hell am I talking about you ask? I am talking about getting DUCKED in a public place!  Unsuspecting women are being lured into this crime, and without their knowledge, being snuck up on an DUCKED! 

Publically, and without warning women are being DUCKED!  Many do not even no they have been DUCKED until later on in the day when they suddenly feel lighter somehow, and then the confusion hits, and they loose contact with where they have been, and what has happened…  How is this crime perpetrated? 

How do women get DUCKED in public you ask?  What can they do to prevent this awful crime from occuring?  Well, as a public servant that I am, I think a picture tells a thousand words more than anything else, so scroll down this blog, and all details will be revealed…

Here is an unsuspecting female victim getting DUCKED in a public place, and she completely unaware it is happening! Oh! The shame she will feel later!

 Be careful out there!  Be sure to spread the word about this new crime!  Don’t be a victim!  This could happen to you!


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