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Poetry by Toodles

Crispy Pickles are best tossed in the air...

Look out for the Roo-Rat!

 Tinkle on a light socket, scream through the pain. Eat your vegetables, even though it is insane. Poop on a sidewalk, and all over the steps. Shave your nether regions with tender respect…

Open up a septic tank with the greatest of care, you never know when a rat might be there.  Toss a crispy pickle up into the air, eat all your steaks the rarest of rare.

Forget about time, who needs it?  It’s a drag.  Leave no un-eaten french fries in the paper bag.  Don’t let them put tomatoes on your sandwich, it is a sinister plot from the vegetable bitch.

Flatulate in church whenever you can, for better results eat beans and ham.  If you read this poem, and feel less tense, then chances are it makes good sense. 

Tomatoes on a sandwich are a plot from the vegetable bitch...


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