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Body painting that is too cool to pass up

Have you ever seen body painting that is too cool to pass up?  I mean, there is the typical body painters at the public

Anyone see my raccoon?

 sporting events.  Everyone probably as seen on national TV those fans at New York Giants games or Green Bay Packers that paint themselves blue and green. 

Makes you want to go play baseball!

There are also those that as a group paint messages on each others butts, or stomachs and drop the respective article of clothing at the appropriate point in the game when the live camera is on them.  College football, basketball and even hockey are other places you see this display. 

What I am talking about however is body paint that is just too cool!  I mean that

Got milk?

 someone really got down and funky, and painted the details. 

Crazy stuff, wild stuff, and off the wall stuff.  All if it bizarre.  However you slice it, it is just plain crazy.  So crazy in fact that you many times do not realize that the person wearing it is completely naked.  That’s right, most of the really cool body paint I have seen are subjects that stood there naked for hours and hours while someone painted them from head to toe. 

It boggles the mind, but it is true.  So I have collected some really cool body paint subjects here, and placed them in this blog.  I thought you might like to see them.  Some are outragious, and some are funny and some will make you wonder…

I must admit, I kind of like body paint.  I wish they would comeout with some giraffe body paint at some point.  That would be cool.  Anyway, enjoy my collection of ‘Body painting that is too cool to pass up’ and let me know which one is your favorite by commenting on this blog post.  You are destined to become a body paint fan!

I am inviting this chick to a party!

Spiderman, Spiderman... does whatever a spider can...

Camoflauge? Or decopauge?

Now is this cool or what?


Twister in the Buff

One of the all American games is the game of ‘Twister’.  A simple game, which consists of a large plastic with color dots and a spinning dial with matching colors.  It really is the ulitimate party game, which requires group involvement. 

Twister in the buff!

Participants position themselves near the dotted playing field, and one player spins the dial and tells them which foot or hand to place on which colored dot.  Of course it starts out easy, and then gets crazy, as you are not supposed to move your respective foot or hand again until the spinner calls a new color for it. 

The results: everybody gets twisted!  One could say it brings people

Twister is a competitive game, and the competition is fierce!

 together.  A new twist on this game, as we move into the liberated new decade is to play this game in the buff.  That is right, bare-butt naked!  Twister in the buff baby! 

 This of course brings on new challenges, as one has to overcome the obstacle of modesty, and shyness in addition to playing the physical portion of the game. 

Then there is the increase in sweatyness, especially if it is a hot day.  Then the Twister board gets slippery in addition to the complexity of Twister in the buff.  I like Twister in the buff, and recommend it as an ice-breaker whenever I have a new group of people visiting me at my home. 

If they comply, then I ask them to join the Giraffe Liberation Front, which is my radical giraffe group on Facebook.  So,

Body paint is a fun addition to Twister in the buff.

 as one can imagine, some people find this to be disagreeable, and leave screaming and shouting, but hey, that is their choice. 

Another fund way to play Twister in the buff is the include the use of body paint!  Wow, is that fun!  It can be both colorful, and slippery!  What a mess, but all in all, a memorable experience to be sure!

I think Twister in the buff should become an Olympic sport!  Why not?  I know I would eagerly watch the international competition.  Twister in the buff on the international stage!  Think about it!  It could work!

Try to imagine the nude twister team for each country walking into the opening ceremonies at the Olympic games!  They could all just wear body paint that reflects the color of the their countries flag!  It would be soooo coool!

Nothing like a massive game of Twister in the buff to get the summer going! Try it!

Train Mooning

I thought I would talk to everybody about a new past-time that is sweeping the country called ‘Train Mooning’.  This where you gather with a whole bunch of your friends, and after a few drinks, you venture out as a group to a nearby railroad.  Together as a group, you time a quick pants drop and ‘moon’  a passing train. 

Train mooning can be a great way to say 'Welcome to our City!'

It works best when you target passenger trains, as this gives you the largest audience.  For you that are eager to get started, and only have freight trains near you, well start with that and have some fun!  I recommend positioning yourself at an angle to the tracks so the train engineer has a longgggg view when you moon him, as he is likely to be the only one who sees the spectacle on a freight train.

For best results, however, choose a passenger train.  If you live close to large cities like New York and Chicago, this is easy to do.  In fact, you can moon several trains in a given afternoon, as these passenger trains are more frequent as you approach larger cities. 

Another fun thing to do when you moon a train is to have a message painted on your buttocks.  I know this can be hard to do, so you will need to be a group that is in cooperation and knows how to spell.  It is best to do your butt paint writing before everyone gets too drunk.  Or, if you are already too drunk as you read this, then just grab a bunch of different colors and paint each cheek a different color like a bunch of circles on an old ‘Twister’ game.  This will give it a little

Nothing is more thrilling than to see a group 'Moon' when you roll into a new railroad station!


Anyway, train mooning can be a lot of fun.  It is important to practice safety when train mooning, as you do not want to get run over by a train.  As a note, it is usually best to be farther away anyhow, so that the bulk of the passengers looking out the window can see you. It also gives you a better chance to run away or jump in a car and drive off if one of the train conductors calls the police.

Things to do when you find yourself naked in public…

I believe sometimes you just have go with the moment and live life, even if it dishes out things that might be unacceptable to others.  As a Giraffe, I most often tromp around naked.  However, I find that humans are less likely to do this publically, and I think there is a good reason for this. 

Painting yourself blue can be an option if you are naked...

The reason as I have determined it is, they do not have anything to do.  It is that simple.  If they had a plan, like painting their whole body blue or perhaps balancing on their stomach on someones feet, they might have less problems with the concept. 

It would keep their minds off the social ‘indiginity’ that is so often thrust about regarding this, that perhaps they might look at public nakedness as a new art form.  I mean sometimes you have to just let it all loose!  Why not do a naked bike ride, or go play on the trampoline?  So what if it all bounces around and you feel flabby.  Who really cares? 

Why not balance on your belly?

You should just make a list of the things you would like to do in public if you found yourself naked.  Put it in your pocket for now, or maybe write it on the bottom of your foot so would remember the list if you lost your pants.  Take time to just enjoy your naked experience, that is all I am saying with this blog. 

Really just let yourself go, and get into it.  People might stare…so what?  I mean, are you really going to make that big a difference in their lives if you go with a bunch of your friends and take your butts to the beach?  You could paint letters on your cheeks, and send a message to the world!  Wouldn’t that be cool?

I would highly suggest that if you are going to go hang out in bars, that you have a plan to stay in motion.  That way no one really has time to wonder, and hey, they might join you!

Can you find the dog?

Today we are going to plan a new game I have invented called ‘Find the hidden dog’.  The way it works is I show you a photo, and you have to find the dog in the picture.  Okay, let’s get started.

In this first photo, can you find the dog?  If so, comment where it is below.

Can you find the dog?

In this next photo, can you find the dog in this one?  If so, comment where it is below.

Can you find the dog?

In this final photo, can you find the dog?  If so, comment where it is below.

Can you find the dog?

So how did you do?  Did you get all three?  Be sure and comment on how long it took you as well.  Let me know.  That is all for today.

Giraffe Body Art: Flattery or are they hiding something?

I have often pondered on Giraffe body art, being that I am a Giraffe.  When I first encountered Giraffe body art, I

Here is an example of Giraffe Body Art... Notice the tongue!

thought… Hmmm… That is flattering!  However, after time has progressed, and I have given it more thought, I have a few other ideas on the matter.  Are they perhaps trying to flatter Giraffes so they can sneak up on us?  Hmmm? 

Isn't this a little more than flattery?

I’ll bet you never gave that much thought!  What about the possibility of them being spies, and trying to infiltrate our ranks, and confuse us?  Then there is the possibility of cross-breeding perverts that want to creat a ‘Giraffe Love Child’.  I for one have run into those weirdos in my time! 

They send me ‘hoochie-coochie’ messages on Facebook, and try to get me to mate with them offline.  Yeah!  Like that is going to happen!  Just because you painted yourself to look like a Giraffe, doesn’t make you one. 

For sure, my FB group called the ‘Giraffe Liberation Front’ has many Giraffes, and non-Giraffes alike, but of the non-Giraffes we don’t have any that are pretending to be anything but trying to let out their own inner Giraffe.  That is an entirely different subject than trying to get a Giraffe inside you, if you know what I mean…

So what are your thoughts on this matter?  Spies?  Fans?  Or Creeps?

See anything suspicious?

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