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New Word for the Day: Shizzle

As I wander through this universe, I discover certain things are lacking description and occasionally I take it upon myself to give it one.  You perhaps do not look at things the way I do, but I do not like not being able to describe something.  So today’s new word for you is: Shizzle.

What is ‘Shizzle‘ you might ask?  ‘Shizzle is that sound which is made when hot poop hits the snow.  It has its own unique sound, similar to a ‘sizzle’ but not quite.  It has that aura of odor and relief that goes along with it, in addition to that sensation of ‘exposure’ one feels when you must ‘go in the snow’.

Some like to make their shizzle in the wide open to give them the opportunity to see others coming should they be interrupted mid-shizzle.  Others, prefer the privacy of the woods when they shizzle.  It’s really okay.  There is no definitive correct place to shizzle, but now that you know it has a name, feel free to do so at your leisure.

Go forth and shizzle today!

Concentration is everything!  Focus!

Concentration is everything! Focus! Experience the Shizzle!


Giraffe Eroticism

Let’s talk about Giraffe eroticism for a moment.  People are scared to talk about Giraffe eroticism publically, but let’s face it.  Women dig Giraffes.  They like our tongues, and franky they are turned on by our reticulation and our horns.  It is really okay to admit. 

We Giraffes know it, and are okay with it.  It does not mean that we

Giraffe Eroticism... Ladies, just relax and calm down!

 will venture into cross species relations, but it does mean that we do not mind the attention. 

Grovel if you must, but please stop trying to deny it.  You dig us.  That is a fact.  That being said, here is a selection of some of my favorite moments sent to me from my fellow Giraffes that we have secretly taken of you… 

So let your inhibitions run wild and don’t hold back anymore, okay?  We know our reticulation patterns turn you on.  Quit trying to hide it!  Just let it loose, and get some neck!  No need to be nervous.  Just relax.

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