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Is Being Fat the New Extreme Sport for 2013?

Fat: The new extreme sport!

No one ever looks at a fat person and says ‘How athletic!’ No, they ridicule and laugh at fat people or they just stay away from them in general.  However, I as a Giraffe see it differently.

Fat people are athletes.  In fact, fat is the new extreme sport!  Imagine the strength it takes in the legs to carry around all that weight?  It is amazing!

I think we should enter a new category at the olympics, and call it the ‘extreme fat sport’.  They just need to show up and be there, and get measured.

Then they are asked to walk across a gym.  That is the contest.  Why make fat into something to avoid?  Call them athletes!  Give them a medal!

Watch some of these contestents in this video, and you tell me.  Are they not amazing?


Giraffe Body Art: Flattery or are they hiding something?

I have often pondered on Giraffe body art, being that I am a Giraffe.  When I first encountered Giraffe body art, I

Here is an example of Giraffe Body Art... Notice the tongue!

thought… Hmmm… That is flattering!  However, after time has progressed, and I have given it more thought, I have a few other ideas on the matter.  Are they perhaps trying to flatter Giraffes so they can sneak up on us?  Hmmm? 

Isn't this a little more than flattery?

I’ll bet you never gave that much thought!  What about the possibility of them being spies, and trying to infiltrate our ranks, and confuse us?  Then there is the possibility of cross-breeding perverts that want to creat a ‘Giraffe Love Child’.  I for one have run into those weirdos in my time! 

They send me ‘hoochie-coochie’ messages on Facebook, and try to get me to mate with them offline.  Yeah!  Like that is going to happen!  Just because you painted yourself to look like a Giraffe, doesn’t make you one. 

For sure, my FB group called the ‘Giraffe Liberation Front’ has many Giraffes, and non-Giraffes alike, but of the non-Giraffes we don’t have any that are pretending to be anything but trying to let out their own inner Giraffe.  That is an entirely different subject than trying to get a Giraffe inside you, if you know what I mean…

So what are your thoughts on this matter?  Spies?  Fans?  Or Creeps?

See anything suspicious?

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