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Kate the ring is treacherous!

This past week we have been hearing about the engagement of William and Kate, or some such thing over in England.  I usually do not concern myself in these kind of things, however I found a few things disturbing.  The most important thing I found disturbing is that William proposes to the girl and gives his mothers engagement ring to her. 

The treacherous ring!

Did anyone else miss this detail?  The press never really says which ring it was.  Was it the ring Charles gave Diana?  Or the one Doty Fayd or whatever his name, gave Diana?  Hmmm?  I would assume that it was the one Charles gave her, and somehow took back after the Royal divorce. 

If so, would one not assume that that is a pretty unlucky ring?  Okay, maybe it was a ring taken from Diana’s body before she was buried?  Well, she was killed wearing that ring!  In either case, whichever ring it is… Kate, babe, the ring is treacherous! 

It is as evil as the ‘one ring’ in the Tolkien’s tale the ‘Lord of the Rings’.  It serves only one master, and that master was not Diana!  It probably belongs to some dark wizard in Buckingham palace!  Somebody really scary and spooky with a huge eye in their head!  Think about it!  It could be cursed by Winston Churchill!  Or maybe even that Guy Fawkes fellow! 

The ring is deadly...

Kate!  Pawn the ring babe!  Get your own, tell Willy that that it does not match your underwear, something!  It is too dangerous!  You should not wear it on your finger at the very least!  It does not give you power or make you invisable!  It makes you visable, and makes you a target! 

People will chase you on motorcycles and flash cameras at you morning, noon and night!  You will never rest, and it will make you grow mean and grumpy, and look what it did to Gollum!  Kate the ring is treacherous!  Remember you heard this from Toodles!  Go get another ring baby!

I loved Diana!  All Giraffes loved Diana!  That ring is scary Kate!  Someday you will appreciate what I am telling you.  Throw the ring into the volcano Kate!  Don’t look back! You can get another one!  One that will make you invisible! 

You never know who controls the ring...

Like the one I wear!  No one ever pays any attention to me when I have it on.  It works really well.  I think Willy can find you one if you ask him.  If not, write me, Toodles.  Post a message on my page.  I will send you one. 

The one you have is very dangerous, and you never know who is watching you when you have it on…


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